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Future Ludo by Waterpower Technology

Future Ludo by Waterpower Technology

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Price: Free
Rating: 4.0
Category: Games
Version: 9.00
Created: December 16, 2019 at 10:29PM

Before us, you play Ludo (Airplane chess, Flying chess) is on the paper, in the sky or on the earth. Now we bring you to space, bring the war to universe. Right now! Fly your mothership to space and combat with differnt races. Game rule: 1. Roll the dice to decide the play sequence. 2. Roll even number to arise your spaceship, such as number 2 rise 1 spaceship, number 4 rise 2 spaceships, and number 6 rise 3 spaceships. 3. Each time only allow to move 1 spaceship. 4. When spaceship moves to same color, you can jump. 5. When spaceship moves to the fly path with same color, it can fly. 6. When spaceship moves to a square, but this square have an enemy spaceships. It will intercept enemy and destroy enemy spaceship. 7. Spaceship can intercept any number of enemy spaceships. So you can use one spaceship to destroy up to 4 enemy spaceships. 8. All of be intercepted spaceships will go back to mothership. 9. When 4 spaceships arrive center, he will win the game. 10. When player rolled number 6, the player will obtain one bonus turn. But when he rolls number 6 three times, all of his spaceships will be destroyed and go back to mothership. Please comment, we will add and improve on next version.