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War Of Crypta - Battle Heroes by Aumentia Technologies

War Of Crypta - Battle Heroes by Aumentia Technologies

War Of Crypta - Battle Heroes by Aumentia Technologies Download on the App Store.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.65217
Category: Games
Version: 1.0.1
Created: August 17, 2020 at 05:08AM

Engage in the epic war occurring on planet Crypta! Collect, level up, evolve, and battle with your favorite Heroes in a real-time player vs player battle. You may have won the battle, but not yet the war! To win this war, you will have to come up with a strategy that will be super effective against players' Heroes worldwide. You will have over 100+ Heroes and 200+ Moves to choose from and customize. This results in every battle you encounter being different than your previous. ⥱ Download now to meet your Heroes! ◈ FEATURES ◈ ◆ LIVE, STRATEGIC BATTLES ◆ With our real-time player vs player (pvp) battles, you will need to stay on your toes and think fast! Manage your Hero's stamina to use the right moves at the right time. Be careful though! Your opponent may have a Hero or Move that can be super effective against your Hero so your diverse team of Heroes is important. You can enter a battle with any 4 Heroes of your choosing! ◆ COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION ◆ With over 100 Heroes and over 200 Moves, there is an enormous variety of options to customize your Hero battle squad. You can keep challenging yourself to build a better squad of Heroes and to discover new ones! ↪ All the Heroes ↪ All the Moves ◆ LEVEL UP & EVOLVE ◆ In War of Crypta, there is always more to come. By winning battles, you make your Heroes stronger, more skillful, and can evolve them into new ones by leveling them up. There is a point in some Hero's lifespan where they have the opportunity to evolve and transform into a new, stronger version of themselves. ◆ CLIMB THE RANKS ◆ As your battle strategies pay off with consecutive victories, you will begin to notice that you are climbing up our competitive ranks. The higher rank you are, the better the rewards get! Just keep in mind that every battle matters because if you lose, you run the risk of also going down in ranks. ⋇ CONSTANT UPDATES ⋇ The War of Crypta may just have started, but that also means that it is no where close to being over! War of Crypta's team is fully dedicated to maintaining and adding improvements to the game. We are always looking after the player's experience and making sure our game is as fun as possible! Be on the look out for consistent new and epic features! You can always provide your ideas and feedback on our community Discord. *A network connection is also required. In need of some support? Join our community discord and staff member will be more than happy to help with any issues you may face: Game Guide: Official Website: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: